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Thank you to William Carn and Lina Allemano for joining us at the 2009 Markham Jazz Festival.  The show was HOT, right in line with the 30 degree scorcher.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks also to Brian Katz and Lenka Lichtenberg for inviting us to share the stage with them at Chalkers Billiards Pub (Toronto, ON).

Catch some of our countrymen at KlezKanada 2009: August 24-30 (Lantier, Quebec)   


Lithuania on the Prairie?

The Lithuanian Empire was thrilled to close the 2nd Annual Mameloshen Festival, sponsored by the Rady JCC, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Other highlights of the trip included an accidental hitchhiking adventure into town for sushi (what else) and a confusing profusion of pizza chicken  


The Lithuanian Empire is always pleased to take orders for their first full-length album. 

Read "Sweet Home Lithuania" - a review in The Forward by Ezra Glinter:


A review by Eric Zaidins on


"Generally speaking, whenever a new klezmer album is released in Canada, it’s time for the Jewish community to celebrate. And with the Lithuanian Empire’s eponymous debut CD release next week, this time is no exception.

. . . The album has an open, jam-like feel to it, and you can almost see the musicians smiling at one another as they recorded, revelling in their music and likely laughing in their brief klezmerfied Led Zeppelin tribute halfway through the affair. Ranging in style from the opening a-capella Tisch Nign I through to the saucy, playful, up-tempo jaunts of Balkan Balabusteh, Sushi for Shabbes and aSHERville, to the closing niggun, Tisch Nign III, the Lithuanian Empire manages to interject an array of musical influences while still keeping that old-time klezmer feel."

Here's what some listeners had to say:

"Spectacular!" - Lisa Baldwin, Soprano

"A great gotta watch them perform!" - Pete Rushefsky, Executive Director of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance"

"Stunning. truly...what a piece of work!" --Michael Alpert, Brave Old World

"Sexy!" -Dawn Lorentson, fan 

To purchase your copy online, please visit:


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Or in the U.S.

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