A casual jam session in a cabin at KlezKanada in 2005 soon evolved into a contagiously energetic and innovative band.

KlezKanada students and faculty greeted performances by the newly formed Lithuanian Empire with standing ovations. Their enthusiasm and support led to a brief band reunion in Toronto several months later, where a whirlwind 36 hours of rehearsing and recording led to the production of a demo CD.

Soon after, radio stations across Canada aired the band’s music, and The Lithuanian Empire’s name spread across the international klezmer scene. Listeners in Canada, The United States, Germany, and as far Russia have rocked out to their fresh and creative sounds.

Members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, and each adds their unique perspective to the music. Some received classical training at the finest institutions in Canada and the United States, while others are highly respected and sought-after freelance musicians. All members share a deep love of klezmer and the creativity and drive to take this traditional music in new directions.

"This is a band to watch! Great young players, interesting, complex compositions and arrangements, and an aesthetic which, though rooted in klezmer music, draws on many sources to create a fresh, exciting, and unique hybrid that makes me want to dance and laugh and think at the same time." ~Aaron Alexander